Here's a selection of feedback from some of the people I've worked with...

Had my first shoot with Tony and he was absolutely awesome to work with! Pre-shoot communications were perfect, very friendly and professional. Gives clear direction while also open to whatever you suggest. Even sending him some images for visual reference to get an idea what we wanted to achieve. He was able to come up with various setups to do quickly. Definitely give my highest recommendation! Owun

This was my first ever photo shoot and I was very nervous but Tony was brilliant. Simply brilliant and a pleasure to work with! We worked on a shoot around the popular London landmarks and created some great shots together, which was key for me. Tony gave me a lot of ideas on how to pose and model and we collaborated very well as a team. What a lovely day with a genuinely lovely and talented photographer! Georgi

I had the chance to work with tony, we were doing a couples shoot for tony’s Portfolio/website if I recall correctly, the shots are absolutely stunning and so lovely I have had many of them printed off and put up around the house. Tony is very easy to get on with and has some lovely ideas and such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. Charlotte

I had a shoot with Tony few weeks ago and I was very pleased with everything that happened on the day. Tony was kind enough to pick me up and drive me to our agreed location and then we walked around and had a chat whilst looking for places to shoot. He went beyond his comfort zone to make sure everything is perfect and made sure I always looked my best. We did lots of different ideas and they all turned up very great, I am very pleased with the outcome and hope to shoot with Tony soon at some point. Pavlina

Had a shoot over the weekend with Tony that we had planned for about a month beforehand and we met up about a week before to go over the location and just to meet each other as well which was nice. The shoot itself ran smoothly and effortlessly and the time just seemed to fly by! Tony is very professional, he gave a few ideas of his own but also allowed me to pose freely throughout the shoot. I look forward to seeing the images and would highly recommend working with him! Thanks again. Leah

Tony was a pleasure to work with. Really easy going, patient and lovely attitude. He had loads of ideas but also listened to mine. He made an effort to get the best shots possible and even did some dangerous climbing in order to capture the best angles. All in all a very successful shoot! Lemar

Tony is a real pleasure to work with. He made sure I was comfortable and ran through the shots with me prior to starting along with his ideas and let me have as much creative input as I wanted. His great attitude and passion for his work shone through, and shows in his photos. I was particularly impressed by his technical knowledge, shooting into the sun is very tricky but he got some fantastic shots. Tony made me feel comfortable the whole time - also he brought and extra fleece just in case it got cold. I highly recommend working with him. It was a real pleasure. Jade

Tony is a very talented person. A load of great ideas and i find he executes them very well. A lovely personality, always on time and ready to shoot whoever comes his way, no issues, no trouble and easy to get along with. Working with Tony is fun and you never lose interest whilst working with him either. There is nothing bad to ever say about Tony and his work ethic a really well rounded, an honest and kind individual with a lot to say in his photos. Akasha 

Just had a shoot with Tony and had a really good time. Very creative and full of ideas to get the perfect shot and very easy to work with. Felt really at ease working with him and got some great shots, would definitely work with him again. Klara 

Tony was a gentleman and a fabulous photographer, very funny and will go above and beyond to get great shots of who he shoots! Tony's pictures are absolutely the best quality. I love all my pics with him. Keep shooting like this mate! Top job. Mandy

Had a couple shoot with Tony and my partner. He was incredibly professional and amazing to work with! His lighting was perfect and he assisted my partner with his posing and portfolio. He was polite, kind and very fun to work with! 100% recommended. Robyn

Wow! Just wow! Tony is absolutely wonderful to work with! He's such a friendly and easy to talk to person, making booking and planning a breeze. He's able to quickly adapt to a situation like an unexpected location change. Gives great direction and talks you through everything he's doing with his camera which I find fascinating. I will definitely be booking another shoot with Tony very soon. Thank you for an awesome shoot! Freya

I had my second ever photo shoot with Tony, and it was my first time doing it in public, and despite my nerves getting in the way, we did well! Tony is a real pleasant guy and I felt comfortable hanging out with him. Hopefully we can do more. Henry

Had a fun shoot with Tony today on location. We had an enjoyable and productive time. It was a pleasure to work with him, good direction and showed me the shots as went along explaining what he was concentrating on. I always find this helpful so I know what is needed. There was variety within the theme and he exploited both small scale and large scale elements of the location very well. I am really looking forwards to seeing the pictures. Highly recommended. Jessica 

Had a fabulous day’s shoot with Tony today. He battled on the pebbled beach against high winds and the tides, taking care to get the perfect light in ever-changing conditions as the sun went in and out of the clouds. He had some imaginative ideas and also welcomed mine. He showed me what he’d shot at the end of every set. I can’t wait to see the end results! Nikki

We had a chance to shoot as part of an organised group shoot. Very fun day. Tony is very easy to work with, relaxed and always good for a laugh. Most of all, he is really fast with his photos and pours a lot of his heart in what he does. Shoot with Tony and see for yourself. Vanilje